A true blue college basketball love story that documents the passion, zeal and obsession shared world-wide by fans of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Sixth Man: Bluesanity showcases the undying hunger, obsession and live and die by attitudes that strongly run through millions of Kentucky Wildcat Basketball fans. The film turns the camera away from the historic UK basketball program and highlights the cult-like religious following that this college basketball dynasty has inspired.

It features a diverse cast of fans and personalities, including celebrities like Josh Hutcherson, Steve Zahn, The Backstreet Boys, Laura Bell Bundy, and Coach John Calipari. The Sixth Man is a celebration and examination of the dedication and passion shared by Wildcat fans everywhere, who truly believe in their motto, “Bleed True Blue!”

The film embodies what compels people from every walk of life to embrace a remarkable and distinctive tradition that binds fans from around the globe. Its about heritage and legacy, it requires an unparalleled loyalty; the UK spirit is unmistakable and contagious. Media Meld’s Dan Cotoia joined Jason Epperson and 4 Rocket Surgeons to help bring this project from the stands to the screen.

"If the Wildcats lose I don’t want to talk to someone for two days… I become that crazy fan but there’s something beautiful about that.”

Steve Zahn 

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