Despite the dismal state of music education, the uphill battle to create a career in music and the continuing turmoil surrounding the industry, these talented teens still passionately believe in the power of music.

This feature length musical documentary, produced in partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation, follows the journey of a select group of talented teenage musicians as they create original songs, gain a lifetime’s worth of lessons and learn the realities of life in the music business. The film also examines the changing face of the music industry and the urgent need to save music in schools across America. Though the week is emotionally, physically and mentally challenging, the teens emerge hopeful, inspired, and  changed forever.

"Music is like a spiritual realm that we explore and there are endless possibilities. It's like being on a spaceship that never runs out of gas and you can just fly to anywhere you want.”

Fela J. Ross, GRAMMY Camper

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