About Media Meld

Media Meld Studios is a multimedia production company specializing in television, film, content and talent development.  Founded in 2009, Media Meld has a diverse executive and creative team with combined creative arts experience of over 75 years including; award winning films, Emmy-award winning television productions, best selling books, ground-breaking documentaries and cutting edge internet programming.

The Team

President and COO

A founding partner of Media Meld Studios, Dan Cotoia is responsible for all business aspects of the company, from talent and development to production and company management.

Cotoia has over 12 years professional experience in the entertainment industry. After the launch of Media Meld, Cotoia helped form a partnership with The GRAMMY Foundation, leading to the feature length documentary film Happy on the Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp®, which recently aired on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt TV, and was a producer on Sixth Man: Bluesanity, a Kentucky Basketball fan film released in 2014. Previously, Cotoia served as Director of Development and Talent Manager in the executive office of Montel Williams for 5 years, which included a range of duties on the Emmy-Award winning daytime series, The Montel Williams Show. Upon graduating from Marist College in 2003, Cotoia freelanced at various networks including ABC, WB, College Sports Television, Outdoor Life Network and Madison Square Garden (MSG), rotating from various TV shows to live events.

Cotoia’s keen eye for acting, hosting, and expert geared talent has led to successful Media Meld collaborations and client bookings.  He currently serves as Executive Producer of the popular DIY and GAC series LogHeads and is actively developing a number of other exciting projects for the company.


Media Meld Studios founding partner Angela Lee has over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry.  Her extensive television work includes talk, reality and prime time drama and her film credits include both feature and documentary films.  Her past employers include mass media giant Viacom as well as major studios such as Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures.

Ms. Lee served as a Senior VP of Production for Paramount Pictures Domestic Television for over ten years. Prior to that she worked in numerous capacities on the staff of the Emmy Award winning The Montel Williams Show. During that period she also started a successful publishing company to distribute books by authors featured on the show.

Angela has produced a wide array of feature films including an award winning Sundance festival title, numerous documentaries and the cerebral cult theatrical hit Zombie Strippers! made in partnership with Sony Pictures. Angela recently produced the horror adventure Primal Rage: the Legend of Oh-Mah. Her directorial debut, Media Meld Studios’ documentary feature From Fat to Finish Line (Gravitas Ventures), is currently available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

EVP of Development

A founding partner of Media Meld Studios, Jennifer Roe brings over 20 years of experience in television and film development, writing and producing. Jennifer served as a Producer on Media Meld’s first feature length film project, Happy On The Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp® (FilmBuff) which recently aired on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt TV.

Jennifer is an Executive Producer on Media Meld’s first television series, LogHeads (Great American Country & DIY Network). Most recently Jennifer produced and is featured in the Media Meld feature documentary film From Fat To Finish Line (Gravitas Ventures). Prior to co-founding Media Meld Studios, Jennifer served as Vice President of Development for The Montel Media Group.  Montel Williams tapped her to run his company from his talk show syndicator, Paramount Domestic Television where she developed projects with the likes of R. J. Cutler (Flip That House) and Dave Broom (The Biggest Loser).

Prior to working for Paramount she had served roles as Director of Development for Letnom Productions and Associate Producer for The Montel Williams Show.  Additionally, Jennifer is an optioned screenwriter whose produced work, Bella Maddo, was screened at the Cannes film festival and the Outfest Festival in Los Angeles. Jennifer’s an active member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and New York Women in Film and Television.

EVP of Production

Brian has been a partner with Media Meld Studios for six years where he has helped develop show ideas from concept through post-production.  He brings 10 years of visual and technical camera and editing experience to the team, and has held a producing role on all Media Meld productions.

Brian served as Executive Producer, DP, and editor on the DIY and Great American Country’s hit series LogHeads and also produces side projects such as the Artsploitation’s 2015 release The House With 100 Eyes, and feature documentaries Men In The Arena (Gravitas Ventures), Invisible Scars (First Run Features), and Media Meld Studios produced From Fat to Finish Line (Gravitas Ventures).  Brian also works with advertising and PR agencies to create branded content for various internationally recognized clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Bud Lite, and HTC Vive.